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Push Extreme Toys
  • Extreme Dildo Double Fist Large
    Two fists are better than one thanks to the brand-new Large version of the Double Fist by Push Extreme, a wonderful sex-toy made for fisting lovers.
    44.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Boner Large
    The Large Boner dildo by Push Extreme is a brand-new exclusive toy with a unique design and a humonguous size for the most extreme anal sensations!
    49.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Jumper Large
    With its incredible size and incomparable shape, the Dildo Jumper Large is no joke!
    56.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Jumper Medium
    Jumper Medium is an incomparable anal sex toy in terms of shape and size to make you fall off your chair.
    36.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Canon Small
    Canon Small will come into your life with a big boom and never come out again! With its flattened tip and its two big stimulation balls, you will f...
    18.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Gills Large
    Gills Large is a uniquely designed marvel of a sex toy promising stunning sensations, on its way to becoming your favourite dildo.
    29.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Dicky Small
    Dicky Small is a new creation from Push Extreme Collection, a series of dildos for your extreme cravings.
    18.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Flex Large
    Flex Large is a long dildo with a special shape made for extreme sensations, with a rounded and wide glans and a flared base that enables wild ride...
    39.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Pulse
    Pulse is one of these small dildos that you don't suspect because of their smaller size but that will undoubtedly surprise you with their special d...
    19.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Champion
    Champion is one of these dildos that you see and simply must have: the smooth and bulging knob will provide you with great sensations and more as y...
    52.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Rise
    Rise is a complex-formed plug specially made to provide you with stimulation from every side, starting with the rounded top for incredible sensatio...
    59.90 EUR      
  • Masturbator Tight Hole Flesh
    The Tight Hole Flesh Masturbator offers you a tight, narrow anal opening behind which the nubbed love tunnel takes care of your best piece for incr...
    26.90 EUR      
  • Masturbator Tight Hole Black
    The Tight Hole Black Masturbator offers you a tight, narrow anal opening behind which the nubbed love tunnel takes care of your best piece for incr...
    26.90 EUR 16.90 EUR
  • Masturbator Deep Hole Black
    The Deep Hole Black is a gorgeous premium anal masturbator with grooved pleasure channel that gently nestles around your good piece and massages yo...
    26.90 EUR 16.90 EUR
  • Extreme Dildo Jumper Small
    With its irregular form full of ribs, veins and the prominent knob, the Jumper Small dildo will provide you with great stimulation.
    26.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Ripper Large
    Like its Medium and Small counterparts, Ripper Large has a well-rounded head and a long ribbed shaft, providing you with easy insertions and highly...
    39.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Canon Medium
    With its flattened tip and its two big stimulation balls, you will feel every inch of Canon Medium! Its smooth texture and unique design promise ho...
    32.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Gills Small
    Gills Small is an exclusive new plug that might not look like much due to its size, but will quickly surprise you with its extremely stimulating de...
    18.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Dicky Large
    Dicky Large is a new creation from Push Extreme Collection and their dildos for extreme anal cravings.
    26.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Tentacle
    Tentacle is the latest anal dildo from the Push Extreme Collection, specially created for hardcore players - those who like to stretch it to the max!
    29.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Silo
    Silo from the Push Extreme collection is a huge anal dildo specially designed for stretching and extreme sensations thanks to its wide ribs for max...
    54.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Joystick
    Joystick is part of the Push Extreme Toys collection and for good reason: its impressive size and high-quality finish make it a dildo you have to g...
    29.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Stretchy
    Stretchy is a newly designed dildo made to stretch slowly but surely with its diameter gradually increasing as you move down the plug.
    29.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Ripper Small
    Ripper Small is a dildo with a well-rounded head and a long & extremely ribbed shaft to provide you with easy insertion and a highly stimulating te...
    21.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Big Pete
    Big Pete is a huge black dildo available in one size from the Push Extreme collection, with brand new designs to stimulate anal stretching fans, be...
    26.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Phat
    Phat is a new extreme anal dildo with a huge diameter to satisfy all your fantasies and give you really exciting stretching sensations.
    39.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Rockstar Small
    This Rockstar Small is a great anal dildo recommended for beginners or advanced anal players and stretchers who always long for in...
    19.90 EUR 16.90 EUR
  • Extreme Dildo Sugar Large
    Sugar is a Large dildo that stimulates you with its short and wide shaft and prominent knob at the top, followed by varied forms and curves with in...
    32.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Chisel Small
    Chisel Small is a wonderful anal plug from our Push Extreme Series and its brand-new designs to please both the a...
    16.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Slugger Medium
    Slugger dildo features a small shaft and ribbed texture as well as a rounded knob to provide you with easy yet exciting penetration. As it slides f...
    34.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Punch XL
    With its long and completely smooth shaft, Punch XL is shaped like a closed fist plus forearm. It has been created for anal use and incredible sens...
    48.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Slapper Medium
    Slapper Medium is shaped after an open hand, which is ready to fill you up. It impresses with its long and smooth shaft to allow easy penetration a...
    29.90 EUR 26.90 EUR
  • Extreme Dildo Double Fist Medium
    Whether you are a total beginner or already enjoying some of the big toys on the market, Double Fist will provide you with particular lifelike stim...
    26.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Atomic Medium
    Atomic Medium features a slightly curved and smooth shaft immediately followed by plump testicles which provide exciting dilation and stimulate you...
    52.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Double Trouble Medium
    Double Trouble Medium Dildo is actually two medium-sized dicks stuck together along their long and smooth shafts. This way it allows easy insertion...
    24.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Swole Large
    Swole resembles a pumped up cock on steroids! With its huge diameter, smooth texture and extraordinary shape it provides incredible stimulation unt...
    36.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Chisel Large
    Chisel Large is a bigger version of the very popular anal plug Chisel Medium. It starts off with a rounded tip for exciting insertion, followed by ...
    28.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Pointer Small
    Pointer dildo in Small is theperfect plug for anal beginners. It features a wide base for added security and to prevent the plug from being inserte...
    11.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Trooper Large
    Trooper Large is a beautifully shaped dildo with a ribbed shaft and a huge glans. You will experience a particularly stimulating a...
    32.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Lance Small
    Lance Small dildo is a spectacular anal toy featuring a very long and smooth shaft with five large grooves and a rounded tip.
    24.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Double Fist Small
    Compared to others, Double Fist Small is a relatively petite sex-toy but it is definitely what you're looking for if fisting is something you're in...
    19.90 EUR 16.90 EUR
  • Extreme Dildo Chisel Medium
    Chisel Medium is an anal plug that features a rounded tip for exciting insertions followed by nine notches that will stimulate your hole like never...
    19.90 EUR 16.90 EUR
  • Extreme Dildo Pointer XL
    Pointer XL dildo is the perfect plug for those who are starting to use larger sizes. It has a wide base for added safety and to prevent it from bei...
    18.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Trooper Medium
    Trooper is a lovely toy with a ribbed shaft and a large head to allow an especially easy & exciting penetration.
    22.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Tusk Large
    Tusk has an extremely long and smooth shaft that increases in diameter towards the bottom for easy insertion and expands your hole further with eac...
    54.90 EUR 48.90 EUR
  • Extreme Dildo Tusk Medium
    Tusk features a long and smooth shaft that widens towards the bottom for easy insertion and its even surface will stimulate your hole to the fullest.
    32.90 EUR 26.90 EUR
  • Extreme Dildo Tusk Small
    Tusk dildo offers a long and smooth shaft in a conic shape to allow easy penetration and its flat surface is going to intensly stimulate your hole.
    24.90 EUR 19.90 EUR
  • Extreme Dildo Slugger Small
    Slugger dildo features a small shaft and ribbed texture as well as a rounded knob to provide you with easy yet exciting penetration.
    19.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Flex Medium
    Flex Medium dildo features a long and smooth shaft with a prominent head for stimulating insertions, followed by a slight curve with increased diam...
    22.90 EUR 18.90 EUR
  • Extreme Dildo Python
    Python's a middle-sized dildo which shaft is covered with a texture reminiscent of a snake's scales and its large diameter is sure to captivate you...
    29.90 EUR 26.90 EUR
  • Extreme Dildo Double Trouble XL
    Double Trouble XL Dildo actually consists of two huge sized cocks, that are joined together along their long and smooth shafts.
    46.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Wrinkle Medium
    This extremely thick dildo stretches your anus in a truly unique way. Sufficient Lube is required!
    49.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Lance Medium
    Experiencing sexual bliss using these five cones - Lance will make your anal dreams come true
    34.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Boner Small
    Enjoying a great stretch is an easy task using this big, realistic dildo. See for yourself!
    32.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Atomic Small
    Atomic fulfils the most secret wishes of all stretch lovers and those who are still in training.
    28.90 EUR 24.90 EUR
  • Extreme Dildo Wrinkle Small
    Wrinkle Small is a dildo with a rather short-sized shaft to allow easy insertions, a fully-ribbed texture for great sensations and a variable diame...
    29.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Soldier Small
    "On the ground, soldier!" Once you've felt this hot dildo inside you, you won't ever forget it!
    22.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Rockstar Large
    Giant dildo with muscular design. Perfect for lovers of intensive stretching using hot sex toys
    29.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Sugar Small
    A little sugar up your ass. This dildo captivates with its unique lines and hot stimulating design.
    19.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Double Trouble Small
    Double the pleasure guaranteed! Enjoy the feeling of hot double penetration using only one sextoy.
    16.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Pointer Large
    Large Anal Plug for dilating pleasure. Perfect for further intense stretching.
    14.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Slapper XL
    This open hand ensures unique stretching with its large diameter. Slapper will give it to you good!
    39.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Punch Medium
    Intense stretching games guaranteed. This fist experience will stay with you for a long time!
    29.90 EUR 26.90 EUR
  • Extreme Dildo Soldier Large
    "True men are in control of their emotions." That is definitely not the case while using Soldier!
    32.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Ripper Medium
    Stimulates your rosette to the extreme and literally catapults you into anal heaven. You'll see!
    24.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Slinger
    With its thick shaft with constant ribs, Slinger is your ideal stretching tool for intense nights.
    36.90 EUR 29.90 EUR
  • Extreme Dildo Trooper Small
    Small realistic dildo with testicles and large glans. Gets you ready for even bigger tasks.
    14.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Swole Small
    Muscular design stimulates you and gets you closer to an intense orgasm with every additional thrust
    22.90 EUR      
  • Extreme Dildo Pointer Medium
    Medium Anal Plug for dilating pleasure. Perfect for stretching when you're thinking of going bigger.
    12.90 EUR      

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