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California Exotic Novelties
  • Admiral - Advanced Curved Silicone Probe
    The Advanced Curved Probe from Admiral, a new quality label by Calexotics, is the latest plug made for deep and intense sensations.
    49.90 EUR      
  • Admiral - Rechargeable Rock Hard Penis Pump Kit
    When you're in the mood for penis pumping, trust the Rechargeable Pump Kit from Admiral, an exciting new label from Calexotics, the best-selling am...
    79.90 EUR      
  • Admiral - Silicone Vibrating Perineum Massager Cockring
    The Admiral Perineum Massager is an incredible two in one sex-toy that will enhance and support your erection while stimulating your perineum throu...
    34.90 EUR      
  • Admiral - Silicone Wave Penis Extension
    With the Wave penis Extension from Admiral, you'll wrap your best piece tightly and get more pleasure in bed for you and your partner!
    19.90 EUR      
  • Admiral - Sta-Hard Penis Pump
    The Admiral Sta-Hard Pump provides a strong vacuum and stimulation to pump up your best piece and trigger erections every time!
    36.90 EUR      
  • Alpha Liquid Silicone Dual Cage Ring
    The Alpha Dual Cage Ring from the legendary brand Calexotics is a strong supporting triple ring for your erection, making your best piece harder an...
    19.90 EUR      
  • Alpha Liquid Silicone Precision Cock Ring
    Designed for both beginners and experts, the stretchy and comfy Alpha Cock Sling made with high quality silicone increases endurance in bed and enh...
    19.90 EUR      
  • Alpha Liquid Silicone Prolong Medium Ring
    With this premium Alpha Prolong Cockring made with Liquid Silicone, discover an elevated experience and more support during sex.
    8.90 EUR      
  • Alpha Liquid Silicone Scrotum Stretching Ring
    Squeeze your testicles and enhance your erection and sensations thanks to the Alpha Scrotum Stretching Ring from Calexotics made with ultra soft Li...
    19.90 EUR      
  • Bionic Dual Pulsating Anal Probe
    The Bionic Dual Pulsating anal Probe is a fantastic and ultra-modern vibrating butt plug made to give you incredible backdoor sensations.
    79.90 EUR      
  • Bionic Pressure Rimming Anal Probe
    Feel the power of vibrating technology with the Bionic Pressure Rimming anal Probe, a fantastic way to experience new stimulation and experiences i...
    69.90 EUR      
  • Bionic Sucking Vibrating Masturbator
    Welcome the latest technology with this Bionic Sucking and Vibrating Masturbator by Calexotics for fantastic and customizable stroking experiences.
    169.90 EUR      
  • Boundless Anus Stroker - Skin
    With its light skin tone, the Boundless stroker has everything you need to spend all night long with a plump butt and a tightly built butt hole!
    16.90 EUR      
  • Boundless Anus Stroker - Transparent
    The clear material of the Boundless stroker is very exciting and you'll have loads of fun thanks to the perfectly rounded butt and tight butthole, ...
    16.90 EUR      
  • Boundless Reversible Stroker - Nubby
    With the Reversible Nubby Stroker from Boundless, a new series of masturbators from Calexotics, you'll get to know incredible pleasure during your ...
    14.90 EUR      
  • Boundless Reversible Stroker - Ribbed
    The Reversible Ribbed Stroker from Boundless, the new series of masturbators by Calexotics, is the promise of endless pleasure in the palm of your ...
    14.90 EUR      
  • Calexotics - Adonis Penis Extension
    Size does matter! Cock sleeve with soft, sensual ribbing for mutual stimulation. Comfortable and discreet. Adds 5 cm to length. Accentuated penis h...
    14.90 EUR      
  • Cheap Thrills - The Cowboy Anal Masturbator
    Discover the exciting Glory Hole masturbator with an extra soft, tight and stretchy material molded directly on a very sexy hunk for some orgasmic ...
    14.90 EUR      
  • Cheap Thrills - The Glory Hole Anal Masturbator
    Discover the exciting Glory Hole masturbator with an extra soft, tight and stretchy material molded directly on a very sexy hunk for some orgasmic ...
    14.90 EUR      
  • Cheap Thrills - The Leather Daddy Anal Masturbator
    Say yes to getting down and dirty with your new Leather Daddy, an exciting new anus masturbator made with tight and soft material for a realistic i...
    14.90 EUR      
  • Cheap Thrills - The Rookie Anal Masturbator
    Get ready to do a home run with The Rookie, a new and super exciting masturbator made with a tight, soft and stretchy material for incredible strok...
    14.90 EUR      
  • Double Helix - Cockring
    Maintain your erection and intensify your orgasm with this easy to size, use and remove comfortable double helix quick release erection enhancer. R...
    12.90 EUR      
  • Dr. Joel Kaplan - Perineum Massager - Small
    Vibrator with ergonomically curved to stimulate the Prostate and Perineum. Powerful and waterproof. Nylon retrieval cord.
    12.90 EUR      
  • Dr. Joel Kaplan - Silicone Prostate Locator
    Firm, flexible, curved probe for stimulation of the prostate. Easy pull ring design.
    16.90 EUR      
  • Dr. Joel Kaplan - Ultimate Prostate Locator
    Make the exploration of the male P-spot even easier with the Ultimate Prostate Locator. The anal area has one of the highest concentrations of nerv...
    14.90 EUR      
  • Enhance Travel Pump System
    Premium travel pump system with a patent pending quick release pull tab valve maintains suction even when the hose is removed.
    49.90 EUR      
  • Full Erection Spreader Silicone Cockring
    Get the Full Erection Spreader cockring by Calexotics to enhance your erection and make your balls bulge for better results in bed!
    9.90 EUR      
  • Hot Rod Xtreme Enhancer - Clear
    Adding till 2 cm girth is now possible with Hot Rod Xtreme Enhancer! By using it you will not only add extra girth to your penis, but also increase...
    12.90 EUR      
  • Impulse Intimate E-Stimulator Petite G Wand
    The Intimate E-Stimulator Wand is a great kegel exerciser, a strengthening sextoy that tone your pelvic muscles responsible for more intense orgasms.
    69.90 EUR      
  • Impulse Intimate E-Stimulator Remote Dual Kegel Exerciser
    Experience the ultimate excitement in a whole new way! Your stimulation & climaxes will reach a whole new level.
    79.90 EUR      
  • Impulse Intimate E-Stimulator Remote Teaser
    The Intimate E-Stimulator Remote Teaser from Calexotics and their Impulse series helps strengthens your pelvic muscles to reinforce and enhance fut...
    69.90 EUR      
  • Lube Tube
    Put your favourite lube exactly where you want it. Use the exact amount of every time. Easy to fill, dispense and clean. Content: 2 tubes.
    9.90 EUR      
  • One Way Valve Douche
    The One-Way Douche is an anal douche (bulb-shaped enema) that is here to make sure you enjoy good, clean fun with every backdoor action. The powerf...
    34.90 EUR      
  • Optimum Series - Automatic Smart Pump
    This revolutionary, fully automatic penis pump will not only impress you with its look. No, you can also increase your endurance with the three uni...
    89.90 EUR      
  • Optimum Series - Get Hard Head Pump Set
    Train your stamina or give in to the suction effects and independent vibration levels. With this set you have everything you need for unique experi...
    72.90 EUR      
  • Optimum Series - Magic Pump
    This elegant and durable penis pump with its excellent suction performance will increase your personal performance.
    69.90 EUR      
  • Penis Extension Performance Maxx 7 inch - Light
    Get maximum support and bigger measurements where it counts thanks to the Performance Maxx, a 7 inch penis extension by Calexotics USA.
    24.90 EUR      
  • Penis Extension Performance Maxx 8 inch - Light
    Thanks to the 8 inch Performance Maxx penis extension, you can add up to 5 cm to your girth and length and give your partner more pleasure in bed!
    28.90 EUR      
  • Penispump Advanced Executive Vacuum Pump
    Executive Vacuum Pump provides with superior suction the guaranteed and desired success. Bigger, harder and more powerful.
    44.90 EUR      
  • Personal Trainer Love Doll
    Get to work with the Personal Trainer Love Doll, a life-sized inflatable doll that is always ready for a ride!
    34.90 EUR      
  • Power Balls - Analbeads
    These weighted black balls are perfect for anal play. The slightest, most subtle movement will shift the weight of each of the five balls for incre...
    26.90 EUR      
  • Precision Pump Silicone Pump Sleeve - Clear
    Insanely comfortable Silicone Pump Sleeve, that takes your pumping experience to the next level. Fits over the cylinder of most pump sizes up to 3 ...
    7.90 EUR      
  • Precision Pump Silicone Pump Sleeve - Smoky Black
    Insanely comfortable Silicone Pump Sleeve, that takes your pumping experience to the next level. Fits over the cylinder of most pump sizes up to 3 ...
    7.90 EUR      
  • Premium Silicone Cock Ring Large
    Slip into this formidable Premium Silicone Cockring in the Large size and get ready to satisfy your lover properly and for a longer time!
    8.90 EUR      
  • Premium Silicone Cock Ring Medium
    Get a bigger, stronger and all-around better erection by wearing this Premium Silicone Cockring!
    6.90 EUR 4.90 EUR
  • Rechargeable Curved Silicone Probe
    The Rechargeable Curved Probe from CaleExotics is the perfect plug to enjoy stimulating and satisfying anal and prostate sensations!
    36.90 EUR      
  • Silicone Advanced Nipple Suckers - Black
    Designed to deliver an intense sucking action, for the ultimate in nipple stimulation satisfaction. Comfortable to wear, soft and pliable. Made fro...
    12.90 EUR      
  • Silicone Tri-Snap Erection Ring - Black
    This ring is designed to maximise your sexpower! Non-tarnishing and nickel-free, this product is safe and made of worry free materials only. Get th...
    9.90 EUR      
  • Star Fucker - Glider Plug Silicone Cock Enhancer
    The Glider Plug is a long and sleek metal plug that stimulate you at the back while the silicone supports and enhances your cock and balls.
    29.90 EUR      
  • Star Fucker - Mini Plug Silicone Cock Enhancer
    When you wear the Mini Plug, you get satisfaction from the front and back, with maximum stimulation and incredible support, so try it now!
    26.90 EUR      
  • Star Fucker - Slim Plug Silicone Cock Enhancer
    This Slim Plug is a multi-design anal plug and silicone enhancer combo that will stimulate your butt and your cock and balls at the same time!
    28.90 EUR      
  • Star Fucker - XL Teardrop Plug Silicone Cock Enhancer
    Made with sleek and high quality materials, the XL Teardrop Plug is a combo of anal plug and silicone enhancer for the best sensations in bed!
    29.90 EUR      
  • Stroker Pump Sleeve - Mouth
    Universal penis pump replacement sleeve made of soft TPR, suitable for penis pumps up to 10.25 cm diameter. Supports the training and takes the ple...
    12.90 EUR      
  • The Mail Man Love Doll
    The Mail Man Love Doll always delivers thanks to the premium molded features, the tight ass always ready for action and the rock hard cock.
    34.90 EUR      
  • Tyler Knight Love Doll
    Life-like doll with approx. 20 cm penis and 4-color face.
    26.90 EUR      
  • Ultimate Douche
    Pliable, transparent plastic bottle (160ml) and 2 interchangeable nozzles (12cm long, 1.3cm and 1cm wide) allow for an easy to use and comfortable ...
    6.90 EUR      
  • Universal Tube Cleanser
    Universal Tube Cleanser is an injection system for a hygienic cleaning of your intimate area. The case has a capacity up to 100 ml. The both attach...
    19.90 EUR      
  • Veined Double Dong 12 inch - Light skin
    Experience double stimulation with the Veined Double Dong by Calexotics and its 12 inches of pure realistic cock with two life-like and light skin ...
    18.90 EUR      
  • Viceroy - Dual Cock Ring
    Get the Viceroy Dual Cockring and let its incredibly soft silicone wrap around both your cock and balls to provide you with great stimulation and m...
    16.90 EUR      
  • Viceroy - Max Dual Cock Ring
    The Viceroy Max Dual cockring will wrap you tight in pleasure and increase your stamina in bed. Improve your sensitivity and deliver superior erect...
    16.90 EUR      
  • Viceroy - Perineum Dual Cock Ring
    Experience tight perineum stimulation and great support for your cock and balls with the Perineum Dual Ring by Viceroy.
    19.90 EUR      
  • Viceroy - Reverse Endurance Cock Ring
    The Viceroy Reverse Endurance ring is a wonderful erection enhancer and will make you experience two different textures for a practical, exciting a...
    19.90 EUR      
  • Viceroy - Reverse Stamina Cock Ring
    With the Viceroy Reverse Stamina Cock Ring, you'll experience incredible stimulation and tight pleasure thanks to its incredibly soft silicone mate...
    19.90 EUR      
  • Weighted Silicone Ball Stretcher - Black
    Get the support you need for the ultimate thrilling orgasm. This ring is designed to get you hard and keep you there! Enjoy the ultimate in gratifi...
    12.90 EUR      
  • Working Stiff - The Doctor Dildo
    The Working Stiff The Doctor dildo is here to give you the necessary injections in your ass thanks to CalExotics!
    19.90 EUR      
  • Working Stiff - The Fireman Dildo
    The dildo Working Stiff The Fireman will put out your wild and hot thanks to CalExotics!
    28.90 EUR      
  • Working Stiff - The Lifeguard Dildo
    The Working Stiff The Lifeguard dildo has arrived to rescue you and fulfil all your summer sex fantasies thanks to CalExotics!
    19.90 EUR      

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