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Original Glow in the Dark Double Booster Small
12.90 EUR 9.90 EUR

Discover our brand new Original Glow in the Dark Double Booster. Not only can you boost the effect of your poppers, you can also easily find them in the dark thanks to the glow-in-the-dark effect. The limited edition is an absolute eye-catcher in the club and is the perfect icebreaker for meeting new people.

Inside the Original Double Booster is a highly effective kick canal thanks to its elongated neck and more controlled air flow for devasating effects. On the side, three air holes help mix the incoming and outgoing air flow for maximum effects when it reaches you.

The outstanding quality of our Original Booster is sold at a regular price, because we don't want to inflate prices like some of the competition. We produce quality and sell it at a fair price, always innovating for more fun with your poppers, wherever you are!

For the best glow in the dark effects, place your Booster under intense light for a few minutes, it'll then be glowing and highly visible! Take it with you to the Darkroom or have it ready on your bedside table and you'll be very popular!

The Original Double Booster is compatible with all bottles in the "small" and "medium" categories, as well as the vast majority of "big" bottles except square bottles like Amsterdam, Jungle Juice Black and Rush Original.

With the Original Double Booster, now available with a Glow in the Dark colors, you'll be able to get boosted sensations as well as find your booster in the dark! Our Original Boosters are an easy and effective way to enjoy better, stronger sensations when using poppers, as well as making it way more practical!

Product details:
✓ High quality brushed plastic
✓ With Glow in the Dark color
✓ Easy to use and clean
✓ No delicate handling, just screw it on!
✓ For a better, more intense experience with poppers
✓ No contact with the bottle
✓ The aroma only escapes through the tunnel
✓ Find it easily even in total darkness!


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