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Deluxe Cock Dilator Set
69.90 EUR

This deluxe cock sounds made of polished stainless steel is great for erotic urethral stimulation and cock-stuffing - a technique of exciting the penis from the inside out! The kit contains 13 different sizes for you to choose from each time. They begin at 3 mm and increase to the largest which is 11 mm. They are all slightly curved and have a small handle at the end with a thumb spoon groove so they are easy to hold and control. The sounds come in a practical leather case.

Diameter in mm (ca.):

Size 1: 3 - 4,7 mm
Size 2: 3,3 - 4,9 mm
Size 3 : 4,3 - 5,6 mm
Size 4 : 4,7 - 5,9 mm
Size 5 : 4,5 - 6,6 mm
Size 6 : 6 - 7 mm
Size 7 : 6 - 7,6 mm
Size 8 : 6,6 - 8 mm
Size 9 : 7 - 8,6 mm
Size 10 : 7,4 - 8,7 mm
Size 11 : 7,7 - 9,4 mm
Size 12 : 9 - 10 mm
Size 13 : 7,4 - 10,6 mm

The sizes are stamped on the handle.

Insertable Length: approx. 14 cm
Total length: approx. 18 cm
Diameter: approx. 3-11 mm
Material: Stainless Steel


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