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51.60 EUR 39.90 EUR

Content: 72 ml (3 x 24 ml)
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7

With this big Galaxy Poppers Pack, get three large incredible poppers as well as a Galaxy Booster to experience better sessions! You'll get to know a whole new galaxy of possibilities so strap on, find your favorite aroma, lube and toys and experience horny pleasure in bed.

This pack contains three big poppers: Fist Fuck Ultra Strong, Rush Ultra Strong and Liquid Gold XL, some of our favorite bottles to spend a nice and relaxing session while getting erotically aroused and enhancing your sensations. Made with strong nitrites like isopropyl and pentyl, say goodbye to taboos and inhibitions. With these, you'll unleash the beast in bed!

These big poppers are strong and act quickly, so get comfy, watch your favorite videos and open the aromas: their erotic scent will turn you into a sex-crazed gooner. Lucky for you, the Galaxy Booster enhances even more your sensations and make all the difference by boosting the effects of your favorite bottles.

They also prevent you from getting in contact with the aroma itself and help you relax and have more fun in bed, whether you're popperbating solo or with a partner! The large bottles have a small neck which fits perfectly with the Galaxy Booster Small.

Product details:
✓ Three poppers at a low price
✓ With a Galaxy Booster small
✓ Enjoy more intense sensations
✓ Fresh aromas, constant new stocks
✓ Instant arousal
✓ Spice up your sex life
✓ No contact with the aroma

This pack contains:

1 x LIQUID XL GOLD big, 24 ml
1 x Galaxy Poppers Booster Cap small

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