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M - CLEANER small
7.90 EUR

Content: 10 ml
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4
Isopropanol - CAS 67-63-0

The poppers with the big M - or M Cleaner - is made by the manufacturers of the famous Man Scent Poppers, one of the most popular bottles from the seventies. This genuine male musk was made famous by the sexy and almost fully naked man on the label promulgating poppers-type aromas for saunas and gay clubs.

It is made with strong isopropyl nitrite, the same old-school and potent recipe as in the good old days, that will evaporate slowly as soon as you open the bottle. Let its sexy aroma reach you and turn you into a sex-craved hunk and get ready for one of the hottest nights of your life.

Poppers are famous in the party and gay scene for their incredible effects on your sex drive, turning the heat up at the party and making you want to get hot and steamy with others!

Lie down and get ready for maximum relaxation, whether for solo masturbation, foreplay or during a session with your partner. The quick and long-lasting effects will help you relax and get stimulated at the same time.

Product details:
✓ Strong poppers
✓ Made with potent isopropyl nitrite
✓ Quick and long-lasting
✓ Perfect for your sauna sessions
✓ New and fresh bottle
✓ Pocket 10 ml design
✓ Small practical format for more fun in bed
✓ Classic formula for more sex lust


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