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31.60 EUR 24.90 EUR

Assemble your own Black Friday Poppers pack: choose four small botlles and the black box to store these four poppers will be included for free in your parcel!

For Black Friday and the Black Week, we have a unique opportunity for you: we've gathered ten of our best-selling poppers and let you choose four of your favorites. You'll get them at the lowest price!

It's the perfect occasion to receive four of the best poppers at a very low price, whether you want to try something new or want to order four of the same: this pack was created to thank our loyal customers for their support! Choose from a wide array of poppers delivered straight from the producer in brand-new and fresh batches.

The black box was created specially for four small poppers and you will not find it anywhere else! It's practical and it looks cool, you can store your poppers with ease in the fridge or on your bedside table.

Get it quick during the Black Friday celebrations, as this limited offer will not be available for long!

Product details:
✓ Fresh batches of poppers
✓ Practical small 10 ml format
✓ Four poppers at a low price
✓ And a free black box included
✓ Secure cap
✓ Reduces evaporations and leaks
✓ Limited edition, get it while you can!

Content: 40 ml (4 x 10 ml)

Black Friday Poppers Box

Note: be sure to choose your four poppers in the drop-down menu before adding the pack to your cart!


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