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Prostate Toys
  • Mystim Twisting Tom - Prostate Stimulator with E-Stim
    Twisting Tom is the first ever quattro-polar prostate stimulator made of 100% medical grade platinum silicone. The 4 poles create two separated sti...
    72.90 EUR      
  • Mystim Flexing Flavio - Prostate Stimulator with E-Stim
    Flexing Flavio is an innovative, bi-polar electrosex prostate stimulator made of 100% platinum silicone. It‘s small dimensions and narrowing form m...
    59.90 EUR      
  • 7 Function Perfect Prostate Master
    The Perfect Prostate Master from Push Production lives up to ist name! This Power P-Spot Perineum Massager is waiting to take you to your peak of u...
    39.90 EUR 29.90 EUR
  • Stainless Steel Fun Plug
    Weight: approx. 360 g
    Length of shaft: approx. 8 cm
    Total length: approx. 13 cm
    Diameter: approx. 3,3 / 2,5 cm
    Material: Stainl...
    49.90 EUR      
  • 7 Speed Bad Boy Prostate Massager - Black
    New version with the award winning 7 speed RO-80mm Bullet vibrator! Based on the world famous Rude-Boy but this time with the added contouring to g...
    44.90 EUR      
  • 7 Speed Big Boy Prostate Massager - Black
    New version with the award winning 7 speed RO-80mm Bullet vibrator! Big-Boy is a serious prostate vibrator for all big boys who like nothing more t...
    44.90 EUR      
  • 7 Speed RO-ZEN Prostate Massager - Black
    Life should be a happy balance of give and take and there's nowhere better than the bedroom for this to happen! Why not let the RO-Zen bring dual h...
    44.90 EUR      
  • Anal Fantasy Collection Vibrating Reach Around
    If you've never tried anal play, this Vibrating Reach Around is just what you need to explore the amazing world of anal Stimulation.
    29.90 EUR      
  • Dr. Joel Kaplan - Ultimate Prostate Locator
    Make the exploration of the male P-spot even easier with the Ultimate Prostate Locator. The anal area has one of the highest concentrations of nerv...
    14.90 EUR      
  • Push Monster - Prostate Stimulator
    Appreciate your prostate! The Push Monster Prostate Stimulator possesses a unique shape for accurate prostate stimulation every time. Made from non...
    14.90 EUR      
  • His Prostate Training Kit
    The perfect kit to train and sensitise the prostate. The right training makes the stimulation of your prostate to an unforgettable and intense lust...
    36.90 EUR      
  • 10 Speed RO-Zen Pro Prostate Massager With Cock And Ball Ring
    Vibrating butt plug with cock and ball ring, which connects several erotic hotspots. 100% waterproof. USB rechargeable. 10 powerful vibration patte...
    49.90 EUR      
  • 10 Speed Quest Prostate Massager - Black
    Quest is a powerful prostate massager with small diameter. 10 powerful vibration and pulsation levels. Stylish black design.
    24.90 EUR      
  • Geron - 10 Speed Anal Vibrator - Black
    If professional anal stimulation has your preference, will be very satisfied with this ergonomically designed toy! Equipped with a 10-speed, USB re...
    36.90 EUR      
  • 7 Speed Petite Sensations - Bubbles - Black
    Petite anal toy for every level of experience. With velvety soft silicone surface and strong 7-speed bullet vibrator. 100% waterproof.
    19.90 EUR      
  • Push Monster - Prostate Massager
    When you discover prostate stimulation, you won't want to live without it. Anyone with a prostate can enjoy far better orgasms by stimulating the P...
    14.90 EUR      
  • Silicone Remote Prostate Massager with Heating Function
    All your wishes for complete satisfaction can be fulfilled with this toy.
    59.90 EUR      
  • MEN-X Index Prostata Stimulator
    Index is a new curved prostata stimulator specially designed by Rocks Off Men-X to create the perfect stimulation for men who love power!
    59.90 EUR      
  • 10 Function Extreme Prostate Master + Rechargeable Power Bullet
    Silicone prostate stimulator with 10-Speed bullet
    Target P-Spot and Perineum
    Water resistant
    49.90 EUR      
  • Dorcel Ultimate Expand Inflatable Prostate Massager
    Dorcel's Ultimate Expand prostate stimulator is an ergonomically-shaped and stylish plug for orgasmic anal sensations!
    89.90 EUR      
  • Push Monster - Pulsating Prostate Blaster
    The Pulsating Prostate Blaster from Push Monster is a great silicone prostate massager for inner and outer stimulation thanks to both knocking and ...
    59.90 EUR 39.90 EUR
  • 10 Speed Rude Boy Xtreme Prostate Massager - Black
    Rude Boy Xtreme is a powerful prostate stimulator from Rocks Off Ltd, the pros of anal pleasure made in England.
    69.90 EUR      
  • Beast in Black - Renegade Thrusting Prostate Plug
    Discover incredible prostate pleasure thanks to the Renegade from Beast in Black, a remote-controlled P-spot that offers amazing sensations with th...
    59.90 EUR      
  • Beast in Black - P-play Probe
    Fire up the P-Play Probe from Beast in Black, an incredible prostate stimulator made with soft silicone and two powerful motors that will fill you ...
    59.90 EUR      
  • Beast in Black - Prostate Target Sniper
    Target prostate stimulation with this incredible Sniper from Beast in Black, a new and remote controlled P-spot stimulator that will vibrate and th...
    59.90 EUR      
  • Beast in Black - Pinpoint Prostate Probe
    This Bundle contains an Extreme Prostate Master and a Mega Vibrating Rechargeable Power Bullet, the best combo for creating incredible anal sensati...
    59.90 EUR      
  • Renegade Slingshot Prostate Stimulator Black
    Party in the front and back with this brand-new silicone prostate stimulator, the Slingshot from Renegade.
    26.90 EUR      
  • COLT Dual Power Probe
    Experience intense anal stimulation with the COLT Dual Power Probe, an incredible anal plug and prostate stimulator in one.
    39.90 EUR      
  • Renegade Slingshot 2 Vibrating Prostate Stimulator Blue
    The Slingshot 2 is an upgraded version of the already best-selling prostate stimulator and cockring combo, this time with 30 orgasmic vibration modes!
    49.90 EUR      
  • Renegade - Vibrating Prostate Massager III
    The Vibrating Massager is the third version of the best-selling prostate stimulator from Renegade now in an exciting hands-free design to stimulate...
    29.90 EUR      
  • Renegade - Vibrating Prostate Massager II
    The Vibrating Massager II by Renegade is a brand-new prostate stimulator made with exciting and soft silicone material to stimulate your most eroge...
    36.90 EUR      
  • OUCH! Pointed Vibrating Prostate Massager - Green
    The Pointed Vibrating Prostate Massager is a wonderful anal plug made to unlock intense pleasure thanks to its super design and incredible vibrations.
    49.90 EUR      
  • OUCH! Beaded Vibrating Prostate Massager - Black
    Reach the peak of pleasure with the Beaded Vibrating Prostate Massager from Ouch! and take your orgasms to another level!
    49.90 EUR      
  • OUCH! Bent Vibrating Prostate Massager - Black
    Discover incredible pleasure thanks to the Bent Vibrating Prostate Massager by Ouch, your favorite sex-toy maker for all your sexual needs.
    49.90 EUR      
  • OUCH! Stacked Vibrating Prostate Massager - Green
    The Stacked Vibrating Prostate Massager from Ouch! is everything you're looking for to unlock incredible anal and prostate satisfaction!
    49.90 EUR      
  • Admiral - Advanced Curved Silicone Probe
    The Advanced Curved Probe from Admiral, a new quality label by Calexotics, is the latest plug made for deep and intense sensations.
    49.90 EUR      
  • Rechargeable Curved Silicone Probe
    The Rechargeable Curved Probe from CaleExotics is the perfect plug to enjoy stimulating and satisfying anal and prostate sensations!
    36.90 EUR      
  • Dr. Joel Kaplan - Perineum Massager - Small
    Vibrator with ergonomically curved to stimulate the Prostate and Perineum. Powerful and waterproof. Nylon retrieval cord.
    12.90 EUR      
  • Dr. Joel Kaplan - Versatile Prostate Stimulator
    Firm yet flexible stimulator angled for versatile prostate stimulation. 10 powerful functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation. Push button c...
    44.90 EUR      
  • Electroshock - E-Stim Vibrating Prostate Massager - Black
    Always wanted an extra thrilling kick up your butt? Look no further, because this fabulous prostate massager is all you need! The buttons let's you...
    89.90 EUR      

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