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Penis pumps
  • Electronic Penis Enlargement System PP03
    The Penis Pump N°3 (PP03) is an Electronic Penis Enlargement System made by Rimba to help you gain in girth, width and length so you can perform be...
    49.90 EUR      
  • Mr Cock Automatic Pressure Penis Pump - Blue
    Discover the power of the blue Automatic Pressure Penis Pump from Mr Cock, an extremely satisfying pump to grow your penis in size!
    49.90 EUR      
  • Admiral - Rechargeable Rock Hard Penis Pump Kit
    When you're in the mood for penis pumping, trust the Rechargeable Pump Kit from Admiral, an exciting new label from Calexotics, the best-selling am...
    79.90 EUR      
  • Admiral - Sta-Hard Penis Pump
    The Admiral Sta-Hard Pump provides a strong vacuum and stimulation to pump up your best piece and trigger erections every time!
    36.90 EUR      
  • Toyjoy Automatic Power Pump
    The Automatic Power Pump by Toyjoy is everything you have been looking for if you want to enlarge and strengthen your erection instantly!
    59.90 EUR      
  • Pump Worx - Max Boost Pro Flow Penis Pump
    The Max Boost Pro Flow is the perfect penis pump with automatic vacuum to enlarge both the length and diameter of your most valuable piece!
    84.90 EUR      
  • Push Monster - Big Cock Vacuum Penis Pump
    This sturdy manufactured penis pump fascinates with its easy handling and fast effect.
    18.90 EUR      
  • Push Monster - Premium Penis Pump with Ergo Grip
    With the Premium Penis Pump and its Ergo Grip, discover enhanced capabilities for your penis and get a bigger and harder erection after pumping!
    29.90 EUR      
  • Powerpump Rock Hard Black/Clear
    Powerful succion pump with soft silicon sleeve.
    12.90 EUR 8.90 EUR
  • Powerpump Rock Hard Blue
    Powerful suction pump with soft silicon sleeve. Dimensions of cylinder: Length: approx. 20 cm, diameter: 5,5 cm.
    12.90 EUR      
  • Power Massage Pump with Sleeve - Clear
    Unique penis pump with special nubs on the inside for a breath-taking stimulation. Press the ball and slowly pump the air out of the cylinder. Bloo...
    14.90 EUR 11.90 EUR
  • PDX Elite - Suck-N-Pump Stroker Penis Pump
    The special Suck-N-Pump Stroker Penis Pump is a 2-in-1 masturbation stroker that give you two ways to intensify your erection and grow it bigger!
    69.90 EUR      
  • Pump Worx - Beginners Power Pump Blue
    High-Intensity Super Suction Power Pump in Blue
    Perfect for First-Timers
    14.90 EUR      
  • Pump Worx - Max-Width Penis Enlarger
    Increase your size and confidence without expensive surgeries with this safe and easy-to-use Max-Width Penis Enlarger. With each pull of the EZ-Gri...
    29.90 EUR      
  • OUCH! Glow in the Dark - Classic Penis Pump
    Have more fun in the dark thans to the new Classic Penis Pump from the series Ouch! Glow in the Dark, the perfect pump for your penis, very easy to...
    24.90 EUR      
  • OUCH! Glow in the Dark - Comfort Beginner Pump
    Experience stimulating pumping sessions with the Comfort Beginner Pump by Ouch! and their Glow in the Dark series, the perfect pump for your penis.
    29.90 EUR      
  • Automatic Luv Pump
    Experience intense succion sensations with the Automatic Luv Pump, a fantastic penis pump that will help you grow in length and girth!
    49.90 EUR      
  • Automatic Cyber Pump
    Start the hottest suction action in a long time by simply pushing two buttons.
    66.90 EUR      
  • Rechargeable Automatic Cyber Pump Transparent
    The Pumped Rechargeable Automatic Cyber Pump has everything you need to grow your erection and cause temporary enlargement.
    79.90 EUR      
  • Classic XL Extender Pump
    For instant, impressive results! Benefits of the PUMPED line include delayed ejaculation, improvement of sexual appetite, boosting of testosterone,...
    28.90 EUR      
  • Optimum Series - Automatic Smart Pump
    This revolutionary, fully automatic penis pump will not only impress you with its look. No, you can also increase your endurance with the three uni...
    89.90 EUR      
  • Optimum Series - Magic Pump
    This elegant and durable penis pump with its excellent suction performance will increase your personal performance.
    69.90 EUR      
  • Renegade - Man Up Pump
    Thumps up, man up! When it's time to rise to the occasion, Renegade's Man-Up penis pump is all you'll need for added girth and increased endurance....
    56.90 EUR      
  • Renegade - Powerhouse Pump
    Delivers the ultimate suction experience. Featuring a powerful yet quiet motor that delivers performance enhancing benefits with effortless ease. B...
    72.90 EUR      
  • Power Pump with Bullet Vibe
    Ideal for enlarging the penis and optimizing stamina. The vacuum ensures an immediate blood and oxygen supply to the penis. Even in regions that we...
    19.90 EUR      
  • Pump Master Black
    Pump Master the ultimate penis pump for a thicker dong. Large tube with rules and a soft tube ring for extras comfort. Handy pressure gauge. Quick ...
    29.90 EUR      
  • Enhance Travel Pump System
    Premium travel pump system with a patent pending quick release pull tab valve maintains suction even when the hose is removed.
    49.90 EUR      
  • Penis Pump Enlarger Black
    Enlarge you penis easy and uncomplicated with this pump. The soft latex ring engulfed your penis, so that the air can’t release. With the pneumatic...
    14.90 EUR      
  • The Perfect Pump
    The perfect pump for perfect hardness and stamina.
    29.90 EUR      
  • Elite Beginner Pump
    This high-quality pump offers you plenty of opportunities to grow in both length and width! You will always be surprised how big you can get!
    26.90 EUR      
  • Stunt Worx - Auto Vac Power Pump X1
    Try the Auto Vac Power Pump X1 by Stunt Worx and experience incredible stimulation of the penis!
    49.90 EUR      
  • Dorcel Hydro Pump
    The Dorcel Hydro Pump is an incredible penis pump with automatic function and strong suction to gain length and girth to make you and your partner ...
    89.90 EUR      
  • Bathmate Hydro7 Penis Pump Clear
    Effective penis enlargement by training in the shower or bathtub - safe, convenient and fast thanks to the amazing power of water.
    79.90 EUR      
  • Bathmate Hydro7 Penis Pump Red
    Bathmate Hydro7 is a hydro pump that by comparison to normal vacuum air-pumps uses the helps of water to enlarge your penis. Use it daily for 15 mi...
    79.90 EUR      
  • Bathmate Hydromax5 Penis Pump Clear
    If you measure about 12.7 cm (5") or less in an erected state, you have found the ideal water pump for you. With its powerful design, Hydromax5 del...
    119.90 EUR      
  • Stroker Pump Sleeve - Mouth
    Universal penis pump replacement sleeve made of soft TPR, suitable for penis pumps up to 10.25 cm diameter. Supports the training and takes the ple...
    12.90 EUR      
  • Silicone Pump Sleeve - Medium
    You will notice from the very first use that you have made the absolute right choice with this product.
    8.90 EUR      
  • Silicone Pump Sleeve - Large
    You will notice from the very first use that you have made the absolute right choice with this product.
    9.90 EUR      
  • Precision Pump Silicone Pump Sleeve - Clear
    Insanely comfortable Silicone Pump Sleeve, that takes your pumping experience to the next level. Fits over the cylinder of most pump sizes up to 3 ...
    7.90 EUR      
  • Precision Pump Silicone Pump Sleeve - Smoky Black
    Insanely comfortable Silicone Pump Sleeve, that takes your pumping experience to the next level. Fits over the cylinder of most pump sizes up to 3 ...
    7.90 EUR      
  • Renegade - Universal Pump Sleeve - Ass
    Universal pump sleeve for 2.5 inch pumps (65mm), made of soft TPE. Suitable for all lubricants.
    16.90 EUR      

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