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  • Behave! Luxury Fetish - Mischief Whip
    Mischief Whip is made of soft and flexible materials that give your love game that extra kick. Its handle is perfectly shaped and the golden highli...
    14.90 EUR      
  • Fetish Fantasy - First Time Flogger
    Fetish Fantasy First Time Flogger is the smooth entry in sexually punishment games. The whip has full length of 60 cm with 16 thin straps. The grip...
    5.90 EUR      
  • Renegade - Whip Black
    This hot toy helps you to finally keep strict discipline in your bedroom. You'll definetely accomplish your objective.
    17.90 EUR      
  • Renegade - Paddle
    If you use the paddle correctly, it will soon become an integral part of your love play.
    16.90 EUR      
  • Scandal Flogger
    This beautiful flogger is covered with a luxurious designer fabric. The focus of the SM game is on punishment and reward for submissiveness. The fl...
    36.90 EUR      
  • Scandal Paddle
    Elegantly designed SM paddle with high strength, a rough and soft side and practical wrist strap. The beautifully crafted SM paddle is equipped wit...
    22.90 EUR      
  • Behave! Luxury Fetish - Paddle Punish Me
    Get your ass spanked or slap someone's butt who really deserves it!
    9.90 EUR      
  • Behave! Luxury Fetish - Pleasure Whip
    Pleasure Whip made from leather is a mini whip designed to enrich your love life in gentle or harder ways. Tease your partner with the tingling by ...
    12.90 EUR      
  • Behave! Luxury Fetish - Paddle Spank Me
    The art of submission is made especially appealing through the Spank Me Paddle by Behave!
    9.90 EUR      
  • OUCH! Elegant Flogger - Titanium Grey
    Wonderful SM whip for hot hours. Ensures a warm and sexy tingling on your skin.
    14.90 EUR      
  • OUCH! Paddle - BAD BOY - Black
    BAD BOY Paddle is perfect to leave a lasting impression on your partner's skin.
    12.90 EUR      
  • OUCH! Paddle - OUCH - Black
    OUCH Paddle is perfect to leave a lasting impression on your partner's skin.
    12.90 EUR      
  • Bondage Beginner Black Domination Whip
    The Black Domination Whip by Bondage Beginner is a wonderful BDSM accessory to keep strict discipline at home. Whether you're being naughty or your...
    12.90 EUR 4.90 EUR
  • Icicles No. 38 - Glass Whip
    The Icicles No38 is a wonderfully crafted piece of hand-blown glass combined with a whip for the most pleasing BDSM sessions or anal play possible.
    39.90 EUR      
  • Glo in the Dark Bondage - Flogger
    The Glo in the Dark Bondage Flogger is your perfect accessory for when you need to be reminded who's in charge.
    24.90 EUR      
  • Glo in the Dark Bondage - Paddle
    Get ready to give your partner a good hiding with the Glo in the Dark Bondage Paddle.
    22.90 EUR      
  • OUCH! Paddle - SLUT - Glow in the Dark
    The future of Bondage is here with the new paddle from Ouch! that glows in the dark and leaves the printed letters "SLUT" marked on your skin for a...
    12.90 EUR      
  • OUCH! Black Whip with Realistic Silicone Dildo
    Developed for SM-stimulation and of course for penetration! With its phallic design (3,2 wide and 16cm long), the dildo end of this toy, made from ...
    28.90 EUR      
  • OUCH! Silicone Textured Paddle - Black
    Take your games to the next level with this Silicone-Textured paddle for both the softest touch you can find on the market and the roughest slaps y...
    16.90 EUR      
  • Back Leather Slapper With Yellow Strips
    Long black leather-paddle with 3 leather-strips. The space between the strips is colored. The other side is flat. This slapper is made of double st...
    22.90 EUR      
  • Hand Spanker Black Leather
    This leather flap in hand shape leaves nice marks. Made of genuine leather.
    19.90 EUR      
  • Fetish Fantasy - Beaded Cat-O-Nine Whip
    This Beaded Cat-O-Nine whip determine with his 9 different wide straps. The straps made of soft vinly provide for pleasant and exciting hits. The m...
    12.90 EUR      

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